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On to the next journey...

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It has been a long nine months. After all the waiting and anticipation, my little bundle of joy has arrived. He has brought joy in the family since his arrival. The unexpected journey has ended. It was a roller coaster journey, to be honest. And yet, the most fulfilling one. Join me in the next phase of my journey with my son at  :)

Welcome Baby!

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I guess the plea for labor was answered. After the last post I did, I stayed up and was reading all about labor and contractions and all that. I never really knew what to expect during labor so I somewhat wanted to get some insights about it.  Never did I expect that I would indeed go into labor that day. So here's a chronological order of what happened on August 29:

12:20 AM - woke up from a 2-hour nap and was feeling hungry. Heated left over dinner and ate. I was supposed to check on my mails but I was feeling a bit lazy so I went back to bed instead and browsed facebook and entered another blog entry on this page. 

2:15 AM - nothing much to do, I started to read about labor and contractions as I never knew what to expect and how it would feel. I somewhat wanted to have an idea of the ordeal. While reading some of the forums I found on the topic, I felt an intensified back pain. It lasted for about a minute before it eased up. It was quite different from the constant backpain I had so I chalked it up to bad position. Same intensified pain was felt about 30 minutes after the first one. I started to think if I was already in labor or not. Thinking that it could be false alarm, I did not alert anyone in the house. 

6:30 AM - My Mom was already up and started to prepare breakfast. I told her about the back pains. She decided to stay home and called her office to cancel her scheduled training. She was observing the pain I was getting as well as the interval between the intensified pain. After breakfast, I was thinking of taking a short nap and that it might be able to help with the pain. I was not able to lie down for about half an hour without feeling the pain. So i decided to take a bath instead. 

9:00 AM: After bath, my Mom suggested that I take a walk outside. I kept on moving, walking back and forth from the gate to the door, stopping when the pain hits. Slowly, the back pain was moving to my stomach area. We  started timing the intervals and it was about 10 minutes each contractions. 

10:00 AM: We decided that we need to get to the hospital. Took the cab and I was trying to laugh through the pain because I didn't really know how to sit comfortably. Each road bump hurt, then contractions follow and all that. So I was trying to distract myself with what I was seeing outside. We hit the hospital in what feels like forever but was only about 15 minute ride. Went straight to ER.

11:00ish AM: I was IE'd and was announced that I was already 7-8 cm dilated. My mind was racing. What? Really? Seriously? I was expecting to be only at around 3cm or so. 

12:00PM: I was transferred from ER to labor room per my OB's advise. 

12:15PM: I was being wheeled out from the labor room to the delivery room. 

12:41 PM: Zaine Amory came out. I missed his first cry and was not able to hold him immediately because I already passed out from the medicine they injected in my dextrose. 

I am so relieved of just having to go through a very short labor and delivering a very healthy baby boy. It was well worth the wait. Seeing my son for the first time felt so surreal. I was asking myself how I managed to have such a beautiful baby. It's true what they say. You forget all about the pain once you get to hold that precious baby in your arms. 

I was becoming so impatient of wanting to hold my baby and now that he's here, I can't let him out of my sight. Sometimes it is even hard to put him down or let others carry him. :) 


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Checked the homepage and it shows that it's going to be 10 days 22 hours more before the estimated due date of my baby love. To be honest, I no longer want to wait that long. 10 days is too long to endure the constant backpain that I have. And 10 days is too long to wait for me to cradle my baby in my arms. 

Am I excited? Heck, yeah! I mean, who wouldn't be? My sister is getting anxious as she is the only one who could stay with me to assist with whatever I need and to help prepare my things in case I go into labor in the afternoon. She turned herself as my personal assistant at this time but the waiting game is already getting to her as well. I know my Mom is also excited and she keeps on monitoring my movements and the pain that I feel, too. Well, there's just the three of us here at home and we are all anxiously awaiting for that moment that I would say either of the following lines:

- "Uhm, was that pee or was that my water?"

- "Ouch, that hurts! Am I starting labor?"

- "Painful!"

Well, I wouldn't probably be saying those exact words but you get the drift. Apart from the constant back pain I have, I have been having greater pains the whole day. It was on and off pain on the lower back down to my butt. Well, I don't get cramps during my periods but the pain is similar to what I get when I get my period. Only it was about few times greater. I am not sure if I am already starting labor but then, who knows? I really don't know what to expect during labor. I've read things about it but I still cannot fathom the pain you feel when you go through it. I guess only time will eventually tell. 

I really, really hope that this baby decides to come out now. Like I said before, there will be times that I will miss being pregnant with this kid but I would rather much have him now beside me than endure more of this pain. Well, I would endure anything for my son but at this point in time, if only I could pass on to him a bottle of impatience so he starts pushing his way out, I would. :P

My OB here said that I can go into labor any day now. Please let it be today. Let's get this over and done with and bring the baby home in a few days. I want more time spent with my baby in my arms than spending time with my baby in my tummy. 

Letters to my Baby #22: Getting Impatient...

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Dear Baby Love, 

It's been a couple of days since I last wrote you. Since then, I have been experiencing a lot of back pains to the point that it almost feels like a constant companion. Every position we try hurts the back now, baby love. Is that a sign that you are ready to come out now?  Let me know, sweetheart, if it is. Your things are already packed, and most of your clothes are just sitting here, waiting for you to wear them. 

We have everything prepared for our little trip to the hospital now. I know I said that let's try to avoid the forecasted rains but given the back pains that I have and feeling that you are dropping by the day, I think it is unavoidable. I'd rather have you than wait for the rains to stop, baby love. 

Yes, Mommy is getting impatient. I really, really can't wait for you to arrive already. I know our room is not yet painted, baby love, but that doesn't matter anymore. Since it has been raining for days now, the painting would really have to be postponed. But don't worry baby love, we will have our orange room. :)

This morning, I showed Mama Lala your 4D videos. I showed her the one when you were trying to shy away and hid your face by the placenta. And I also showed her the video that we posted here - the one where you stuck your tongue out and smiled. Mama Lala said you already have a distinct personality. :)

So, better come out now, sweet love. Let's not wait for the rains to stop. Or do you really want to arrive on September? If that's the case, can we do it September 1? Nevermind that it is Baguio day. :P Even your Tita Yanyan is getting impatient of waiting for you as well. I know I have mentioned it already but really sweet heart, people are getting way excited to see you and they can't wait just like me. :D

I love you, baby love. :) I'll see you in the next few days. :)

Letters to my Baby #21: While Waiting...

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Hello Baby Love, 

We have been home for a few days now and so far, all we did for the past couple of days was eat and sleep. :) Hopefully, you were able to catch up with a few more ounces to your weight. Since our arrival, we have already fixed and segregated your clothing according to size and age group. For some reason, you have tons of clothes for the first three months. :P Looks like all we need to buy in the next couple of months would be pants. But then again, a few more things are arriving for you as well so we might just hold off on that shopping trip again. 

Your Mama Lala has laundered half of your things already. Eveything would have been laundered in one day if not for the weather. Since we weren't sure if it will rain, only half was done. The other half will be done tomorrow. Last minute purchases were done earlier today as well, sweet love. We got you your bath tub. :) We were looking for an orange one but it's not available so we settled for white instead. We also got a storage box for your feeding bottles, but it seems that we need to get a bigger one as we weren't able to really estimate the sizes of the bottles in accordance to the container. We also got you your toilettries as well. I am so looking forward to give you a bath already. <3

Your Mama Lala, Tita Yanyan and I also bought groceries to stock up for the next few weeks since no one would probably have the time to really cook once you arrive. Only thing we actually forgot to look for and buy earlier was a bigger storage for your clothes. The storage box that we had initially used for your clothes cannot accommodate all of your stuff already so we are going to need a bigger one with multiple drawers to make it easier to use and store your things. Since I will be going out tomorrow, too, I will go look for one. Hopefully, we can find something cheap but with good quality. 

I was also able to make an appointment with our new OB here, sweet love. That's the reason why Mommy has to go out tomorrow. Your Mama Lala will meet me at the clinic by noon. That means, we have to wake up early. So, let's try to get some sleep early today, OK? Hopefully, our new OB won't cancel her schedule tomorrow, given that it is a national holiday. It would be easier if we see her the soonest so we can already establish some agreements and compromises if needed. 

Your things that we need to bring to the hospital in the next few days have already been packed, too, baby love. Your Mama Lala ironed your clothes and we have stored most of it and packed some of the things that we might need for your arrival. There will be a few more things that will have to go in the bag but that can be done by tomorrow or the day after. 

Sometimes, sweetheart, it feels like we have been here for a week now, instead of just a few days. Time feels a lot slower here than back in Manila. Mommy really has no patience in waiting, you know. That's why I have been trying to divert my attention to other things apart from twiddling my thumbs, waiting for you to arrive. I know I have asked you before to wait for a while before deciding to come out. But since we are already home and have started to work on our routine here, would you please, pretty pretty please, come out now in the next few days? Mommy is getting tired all the time because you are already dropping and starting to get heavier than the usual. And Mommy's back hurts very much  that I now waddle instead of walk, sweetheart. Our movements are very, very slow so it makes it quite hard to get things done. Also, one other reason why I would want for you to very much arrive the soonest is so that we can spend more time together before Mommy has to go back to work. It will be a whole lot tougher set up once I get back to work, baby love, and I would like to spend as much time with you as possible. 

We will continue with our walking and other light exercises, yes, and I hope that will help you work your way out of my tummy faster. Are you starting to get impatient, baby love? I am really, really, really excited to see you now. Even your Mama Lala and your Tito Reis and even your Tita Yanyan and some of your other Titas and cousins are waiting for you. And let's avoid the forecasted rains, baby. Hopefully, we will have a good weather on your arrival to make it easier to go to the hospital as well. 

You can come out any time now, baby love. Can't wait to see you and hug you and kiss you. Love you, sweet love. :)

Back to my Comfort Zone...

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Yes, I am now back home. After a few days delay due to heavy rains brought on by the monsoon rains, my sister and I were able to travel back home on Friday noon. Slept the whole trip, too. However, no matter how much more comfortable the seats are for deluxe buses compared to the regular, airconditioned buses, my back still hurts and it was hard to really find a comfortable position to sleep. Good thing I had a coupld of travel pillows with me. Harhar!

Day 1 back home was spent mostly sleeping. I haven't gone out yet. Well, I went out a few hours ago with my sister for a short walk. If I am not sleeping, I am eating. Yep, I am quite enjoying eating these days. But I know I still have to watch my diet to ensure that both my baby and I are still on the normal weight range. A surge in weight would make it hard for both of us in the end. 

My mom will be washing the baby things tomorrow, too. She didn't have the time to do so for the past few days as it was almost always raining here, it is hard to let clothes dry. My baby got a lot of stuff from a lot of people, too. :) We will have to plot out his outfit on a daily basis so at least he can wear everything within the time frame. Haha! Better be ready for an almost daily outfit of the day photo! LOL!

I am planning of going out tomorrow, too. Maybe walk around the mall, eat, walk, try not to shop anything more than the disposables needed and probably a few groceries. Not sure if I will be able to meet a few friends but we'll see how it goes. 

Monday is a holiday. So I guess I wouldn't be able to have a doctor's appointment. That means that I would have to call on Monday to have an appointment set for Tuesday consultation. This is so I can turn over my records over to the new OB who will be delivering my baby. 

I am already getting excited to meet my little one. If he could already come out by end of next week, that would be great. For one, at least my early maternity leave won't be wasted on waiting time for labor and delivery. That will give me more time to spend with my baby prior to going back to work. But then again, that doesn't discount the fact that I am still scared of the labor thing. Well, guess what? I have no choice but to go through it when it starts. 

A few more days, I hope. Then I can hold my baby in my arms. Need to have the photographer, aka my brother, clear out his schedule until next week and be on-call for me. Haha!

Last Day...

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Yes, it is my last day to stay in my apartment. Not because I am moving or something. I am just going home and staying there for a month or so to spend my maternity leave. A part of me, the one that is attached to this place already, doesn't want to leave. Well, I guess that accounts to the major part of me. For a while now, I think I was able to convert this place from just a mere place to stay to my comfort zone - aka my home. A tiny space where I can do whatever I want, whenever I want and where I can lay down my own rules. 

I know, I know, I will be back here before I know it and if there is no other way but to leave my baby with my Mom, then there will be a time that I won't even want to come back here and just stay where my baby is. So, just let me rant for now. If only circumstances are a bit different - like, if my Mom can easily move from back home to here. But I have to take into consideration that she is now working as well. So, it won't be that easy for her, too. If only my sister is not a nervous wreck around newborns, then maybe she can come with me and my baby. She'll take care of the kid when I'm at work then I'll take over as soon as I come home. 

I guess that was one of the reasons why I wasn't able to sleep early for the past few weeks. I've been trying to enjoy the last remaining days that I have in my tiny solace before I have my baby. Drastic changes will eventually happen in this tiny place so I guess there's no better time than to enjoy the silence that this place offers. 

All bags are already packed, my apartment has been tidied up to the best of our abilities (haha!), just a few small things that need to go in the bag before leaving for the bus terminal in a few short hours. I am still having mixed emotions, to be honest. I am happy and excited that I will be hohlding my son very, very soon, but at the same time, I am saddened that I am soon going to leave the life that I was used to. Pregnancy is sort of the transition to a different kind of life, I realize that now. It is the bridge between the single, solitary life to the family life. Well, that's how I think about it. 

If only there was no heavy rains and flooding all over the metro for the past few days, I might not have gone through this stage this much. But getting my trip home postponed for a few days now makes it harder to leave this place.  Yes, I know, I am getting way emotional. What can I do? Blame it on pregnancy hormones. :P 

Seriously, I just want to savor the last few hours that I have left in this place before my whole life will change forever. I leave here as the old person that I was and I will be back here as a new person, so to speak...

Nesting, Labor and other Pregnancy Hoolabaloo...

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I have been hearing the word nesting for quite sometime now. I guess I never really realized what this meant until earlier today. (Chalk it up to boredom, I would say). So I checked out the definition and this is what I got: 

Nesting is a ritual performed by pregnant women in ridding the house, the "nest", from anything potentially harmful to the soon to be born child.

Interesting. However, I have never read anything about it happening at a certain time of the pregnancy. Does it happen at a certain stage of the pregnancy or does it happen anytime during pregnancy? Looking back, all I know is that I have been clearing up my apartment for the past few months for the arrival of my baby. Not that he will be staying here full time anyway, but I wanted to make sure that all clutter are gone. Well, I think the pregnancy gave me an excuse to stop procrastinating and start cleaning up my apartment. It was the plan before anyway. So, was I considered to be nesting for the past few months? Not really sure. Here's what I've done to my apartment so far in the past few months:

- gotten rid of my old computer desk and the desktop computer

- changed my bed to a slightly bigger one

- changed my shoe rack to a smaller one and gotten rid of old shoes that are no longer being used

- cleared up my closet and packed all the old clothes and had it donated to the garbage collector

- gave away a lot of the pocketbooks I've had that are just collecting dust in the shelf

- gotten rid of a lot of other papers that are no longer usable in anyway. 

It may be considered nesting. Hmmm... how do you really define nesting anyway in terms of the time frame?

So, I've had my final consultation with my OB last Saturday. I was scolded because I was prioritizing work over my maternity leave (she said that most of her working patients are asking when they can start their leaves while I, who should have already gone home to thumb-twiddle, is still trying to push things further and being stubborn by not taking it real easy and take my leave. I think that would only say that I am a one certified workaholic. Haha!

Final biometry was done on my baby. Everything is normal, he's "breathing" normally, heartbeat's normal, weight is a bit on the lower range but still normal (my baby only weighs about 5.60 lbs as of Saturday). I forgot to ask about his estimated length so I don't know how long he is as of this moment. But he feels quite a long baby if I take into consideration where his foot rests when he does his routine stretches. 

My OB also asked me if I've already started reading about anesthesia and all that stuff in preparation for the labor. She laughed when she saw my face and when I told her that I am trying to stay away from labor discussions as of now. She said that no matter what I do, it is where I will end up to. And I know, she is right. But it gets to a point that you just wanted to say, "wait, let me take a deep breath and I'll tell you when I am ready". It doesn't work that way though. 

The thought of labor is really starting to scare the hell out of me. Hospital confinement doesn't even sit well with me, how much more about labor? The last time I was confined in the hospital was when I was about 4 years old. I was never confined again since then. But my OB was right. I have nowhere else to go but labor and delivery. So, I started reading about labor and delivery. And then I thought to myself, can it be that once I start feeling the contractions that time will move so fast I wouldn't really feel the labor part, then time goes back to normal then enjoy cuddling my baby as soon as he is out? Haha! I know, I know. It doesn't work that way. Everything is wishful thinking at this point. 

To be honest, I am really excited to hold my baby in my arms now. I am actually starting to hope that he gets here by next week. I now understand the getting-tired-of-being-pregnant thing. I guess I am quite torn in between. I love feeling my baby's movement in my tummy. Once he's out, I wouldn't get that feeling anymore. On the other hand, once he is out, I can see him, hold him, cuddle him, and watch his reaction to everything. Not just trying to guess how he feels or what he looks like or what his expression is at a certain situation. 

Final stage of pregnancy is painful, I can tell you that. My neck hurts, my back hurts, my lower back hurts, it hurts to walk, it hurts to sit, it hurts to stand, it even hurts to lie down and get up to pee. One very important lesson learned that I can share as early as now: when you plan on getting pregnant, make sure you have a partner that will stay with you until, well, until whenever you both want. Trust me, the lack of one would mean that you have to do everything - from household chores to grocery shopping and carrying quite heavy stuff. When you have a partner, someone will do all your bidding :P (no need to hire a  maid or a nanny. think how much you can save for that haha). And you need someone to massage your back whenever you need one, too. Being pregnant is not easy and being pregnant alone is a whole lot harder than it seems. Now, I understand how worried my Mom is and why my OB has been pushing me to go home early. 

There are a lot of other lessons that I've learned from the time I got pregnant until now. But that was one thing that I would like to share because trust me, when you feel all the pain in all parts of your body, you need that someone to do things for you to make it easier and more comfortable for you and the baby. It was a lesson well learned on my part. :D

So, all my bags are packed. Just a few more things to add in the bag and I am all set. My sister and I are just waiting out the storm, well not exactly storm but monsoon rain, to pass and the flood waters along the way to subside so we can have a safer travel going home. It's already the fourth day of rain (well, it's light outside already but the clouds are still dark and looks heavy too) and it appears that it will rain again within the day. I am thinking of waiting it out for another day before we travel home. I'll have to check with my sister and call my Mom, too just to consult. But then, I'd rather play it on the safe side than to rush. But I cannot play it too safe as well as I don't know what my baby's mood is. I am just hoping that he doesn't decide to come out sooner than I am expecting. But then again, I guess another day won't hurt, right?

On a side note: I was on a hunt for an orange romper. It was not an easy one to find, too. But then RB and I went to this clearance bazaar that sells mainly baby and maternity stuff and there I found one, hanging on display in one of the booths. I couldn't resist and I knew I had to buy it. And I did. My baby now has an orange romper, orange cloth diaper and orange shoes. Another friend asked me why orange and I couldn't really think of any reason why. I dunno. I just like orange for my baby. Can't wait to see him in his orange outfit. :D

Well, soon-to-be Mommy needs to get some beauty rest for the mean time. Then wake up after a few hours to check on weather and road conditions and assess if it is already safe to travel. Crossing my fingers. :P

Letters to my Baby #20: Lightning Crashes...

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Dear Baby Love, 

It is already almost half past five in the morning and yet we haven't gotten any sleep yet. It is raining hard outside, harder than yesterday it seems. And there's also thunder and lightning today. It has been raining non-stop since Saturday night I think (or probably Sunday early morning, I really don't know now). The weather right now is quite making me worried. 

Your Tita Llana arrived last night from Baguio. She's here to accompany us to go home as we have quite a few stuff to bring home (even if we have already sent most of the stuff home a few weeks ago). Mommy's all packed and ready - my clothes are packed, last minute purchases for you are packed as well as the gifts we have received from my delighted workmates who threw your baby shower party of sorts. Last to be packed will be my work laptop and the chargers and our medicines. 

On another note, baby love, this will be the last night (or day) that we will spend in my apartment. We will be back here after a month probably. It took me a few days to get the packing finalized as I really didn't know what to pack. The longest vacation I've had was three weeks and that was about 4 years ago, I hardly remember what that was like. Now, this vacation of sorts is very, very different from that. During this leave duration, I will be having you. And after the duration of the leave, there will be me and you. Not me with you inside me. :P Or something like that. Mommy will definitely miss our little home away from home, baby. I know we will be back once you're strong enough to travel, but still, this little place became our home for the past few months. It was just you and me. When we come back, I hope you will like this place as much as I have come to love it, too. 

Anyway, your Tita already bought our bus ticket home as well. We will be taking the deluxe bus which will have a shorter travel time (on normal weather conditions), but I am a bit worried travelling in this kind of weather. You see, there are a lot of floodings all over the metro and we don't know yet about any floodings along the way. I used to be brave enough to travel in this kind of weather, but, back then, baby love, it was just me. Now, I have to think of your welfare and make sure that everything's safe for us both. And for your Tita as well. 

I have been listening to the rainfall for the past few hours already and it hasn't stopped. It gets stronger then a bit weak then it gets stronger again. Apart from that, I have been monitoring social media for news updates on flooded areas, making sure that we won't have to deal with any floods on our way home. 

If it is just up to me, my sweet, we will postpone our travel for another day. And I might do just that if the rain won't let up comes sunrise. However, I am also quite anxious to be home already so that we can start our new routine and be in the arms of the family as well. We both need our support system, baby love. And our support system is about 5 hours away from here. If it were up to me, we'd just stay here in the comfort of our little apartment, but we are alone here and it won't be easy dealing with an emergency with just the two of us. So, I'd rather be at home where someone will look after us for the time being. 

I'll make sure that we have a safe trip home, baby love. And we will be home before the end of this week. Besides, we have to meet our new OB, too, and have our consultations scheduled. So, relax a little while, baby love. Let's get through this weather first, then get ourselves home, then you can come out whenever you want to once we are settled there, OK? 

Let Mommy worry about the logistics of our travel. Just do your thing in there, gain another half pound, probably, and just keep staying healthy. I know you have been practicing your breathing already (our OB showed me your breathing via ultrasound image) and you are doing such a good job. Keep it up, sweetheart. You'll be in my arms before you know it. :)

Letters to my Baby #19: Thumb Twiddling Starts Now...

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Dear Baby Love, 

We are now at 36 weeks and 5 days AOG. The wait for your arrival is starts now, so to speak. 

Yesterday was Mommy's last day of work as I need to start my maternity leave. A week earlier than I was hoping for. But you Mama Lala and our OB is a bit worried that you might be out earlier than expected. Since our support group is back home, we have to be there earlier too. Even our OB suggested that we go home now. She even said that it would be OK to work for another week if I will give birth here as she can monitor our condition. But it doesn't work that way, sweetheart. She even said that most of her patients have been asking way early in their pregnancy when they can take their leaves off work but Mommy insists to keep working until the final day. :) Yes, Baby love, Mommy is a workaholic. And Mommy doesn't like waiting. But, take your time in there, OK? Let's give it one more week so we can go home, settle and meet our new OB back home. Then you can come out by end of August. :)

Also, Mommy's workmates threw a simple baby shower for you yesterday. I was surprised because I never expected it. You got additional clothes and feeding bottles, too. And now we don't have to buy your diaper bag. :) You now got one of those. A few more things are en route coming from Mommy's other work colleagues. We are just waiting for those to arrive. Anyway, Mommy was really touched by the gesture given that they learned it quite late already. Some of them knew last June, others a little later. We never really made a big annoncement about it. A lot of comments came in via Facebook too when we posted the photos of the shower. A lot were surprised. They never saw it coming, sweetheart. :D

Anyway, your Tita Yanyan will be arriving in a day or two to accompany us to go home (as soon as I can wire her her fare. :P I'm having a hard time with mobile transfer lately). Tomorrow, we will visit the clearance bazaar and see if we can find something else that we don't have yet. Then we have coffee date with your Ninang RB and Ninong Francis. Maybe we'll have our photo taken too. Your Ninong Francis wanted to have a photo taken with two pregnant women. Haha! I think we can give him that. 

This afternoon, we visited our OB (hence the scolding that Mommy got about going home) one last time. She checked on your progress and she showed me your movements. You are breathing normally and pretty well, sweet love. But we cannot see your face and your gender for the last time because you were hiding your face and you had your legs closed. Being shy with the doctor, maybe? :D  You weigh 5.60 lbs as of date and your average size is for a 35 week-old baby in utero but we were assured that your size is still within range and it is also a normal size for Filipino babies. So, that only means that we still have one week to get you additional weight before your arrival.  

I just remembered. I already got you the keepsake frame where we will embed your hand and foot prints. We have to talk to our new OB about getting that done once you arrive.  I have also talked to your Tito Ynel to clear out his schedule on the last week of August to first week of September so he will be available to take your photos in the hospital. A lot of people are waiting for your photos, baby love. A lot of excited people out there to meet you. 

So, in the next two days, Mommy will finish up packing her clothes for a long vacation, clean the apartment a bit, secure all the things that needs to be secured, and then we will be on our way home. Just one thing, baby love. Give Mommy another week before you decide that you've had enough in your cramped up space, OK? I promise, once we get settled, then you can come out any time you want. 

I love you so much, baby love. I actually can't wait to meet you and see you and hold you and kiss you and hug you. But let's give it a week. That will be the first deal that we will make, OK? :)