That fluttery feeling

Posted on March 22, 2013 at 2:25 AM

There was something that I've read about fetal movement. They start moving at 7-8 weeks but, of course, one wouldn't feel it yet since the baby is still too small to really feel its movements. I've also read that, depending upon your built, weight and all that, you can feel the baby moving as early as 14 weeks. They said it felt like gas or even that butterfly feeling or something. Not really something that you'll notice if you're not aware of it.

So I made a little experiment a few days ago. Upon waking up, I stayed lying in bed and tried to feel my baby. Tried pressing on my abdomen to feel the uterus and I have felt it turning. Well, kind of like a bouncing bubble ball. It was fun. I'm starting to make it a habit to do that every time I wake up. =)

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